Holistic Health Mini Tool Kit

Holistic Health ToolsHappy Monday to you, if you get to read this on Monday.  If not, happy day to you.  😀

I’d like to share some of the ways that music, staying hydrated with healthy water I feel good about drinking, laughter, healthy food I like to eat, and time with friends and family have helped me to become a happy, balanced, healthy, self-confident person.  I’d also love to hear how any, some, or all of these have helped you in your life.  Your experiences could help someone.  Wouldn’t that be nice?


Music has given me beautiful emotional releases, peace, comfort, zing, inspiration, a way to celebrate my joy, and connections with others.  I could go on and on about music, but I think I’ll stop here.

Staying hydrated with healthy water I feel good about drinking is important for me because I know the many uncomfortable symptoms of dehydration, and I’ve learned to enjoy drinking water over the years.  I phrased it as “healthy water you feel good about drinking” because there are a lot of choices when it comes to water.  I think it could be as important to feel good about the water you choose, as it is to actually drink the water.  If you’re drinking water you don’t feel good about, you could be energizing a problem.

Laughter can speak for itself, I suppose, but I have to share that there is no reliable way to count how many times I have walked away from stress and straight to anything I have access to that will make me laugh.  I recommend laughter regularly to my clients and students when they feel challenged, and no one has said that laughter didn’t help them through.

Eating healthy food I like to eat is a major point.  Maybe it should have been first?  Choking down Brussels sprouts when I don’t like them, for example, can turn me away from eating healthy foods I do like.  I make the most of eating healthy foods by experimenting and finding the ones I enjoy, and leaving the rest.  Another point to consider is that if food does not work well with my body, that’s not what I would call healthy.  I also eliminate budget breaking foods.  I want to feel good about my choices all the way through.

Time with friends and family could be as rejuvenating for me as a vacation.  Or comforting, because we know the same stories.  Or funny when I don’t have to explain my jokes because they know me well enough to get the joke the first time.  Exciting, when mutual support is helping everyone to reach new developmental milestones.  Feeling overwhelming love for my friends and family affirms to me how good we are for each other.

This list is far from exhaustive.  I hope it gets a ball rolling for you to enrich your life, or remind you of ways you have enriched your life in the past.

Please do count yourself as one of my friends.  You make me smile.

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