My Highland Lord By Tarah Scott – Two-Minute #Video #Bookreview

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Book Review – My Highland Lord by Tarah Scott

You all remember meeting Queentutt on my Interviews With Inspiring People series, right?  Well, she also introduced me to an amazing historical romance author, Tarah Scott.  I jumped into her latest Highland romance, “My Highland Lord,” with gusto.  I’ll do my best to express how much I enjoyed my first Tarah Scott novel by telling you that I sighed Phoebe and Kiernan’s names one night as I was falling asleep.  Their romance touched me that much.  It is exactly this feeling that draws me to read and write romance.

“My Highland Lord” is the second novel in the Highland series.  I bought it thinking it was the newest release, so, a bit of confusion there.  Once I knew that I was reading the second book, I started looking for couples that could have been in the first book.  They will be my next review.  The third Highland title will be released on May 15, “To Tame a Highland Earl.”  Oooh, dishy.

Before I get carried away thinking about what goodies Tarah Scott has for me in her next novel, I’ll finish telling you more about why “My Highland Lord” gripped me, and didn’t let go.  It’s an adventure with some humorous mishaps along the way.  Phoebe is an intelligent, beautiful woman who has some mysteries to solve.  Kiernan is a man she can truly love and respect.  He is also a dishy, intelligent, Scot.  Phoebe and Kiernan are both dedicated to righting wrongs done against people in “lower” classes, which makes them admirable.  I hope you don’t mind the small spoiler there.

Tarah Scott’s research of the time the story is set in, and her detailed descriptions, set the scenes perfectly.  I finished “My Highland Lord” and went immediately to start reading the book before it, “My Highland Love.”

It’s series like these that remind me of why I love romance.









Fortune’s Lady by Patricia Gaffney

While I don’t completely understand why this historical romance is titled “Fortune’s Lady,” it is clearly a wonderful read. Patricia Gaffney is gifted with words. “Fortune’s Lady” has elements of a spy novel woven into the romance. The passion that Cassandra and Philip share is nicely done. The tenderness is there, too. Cassandra and Philip find something in each other that they’ve never had before. As she comes out of her shell and comes into her own, he is pleasantly surprised and finds more about her to love.

There is plenty of angst for the star-crossed lovers to wade through. Plots of assassinations to uncover to protect the British crown. And a misguided saboteur who clearly has never been in love.

I’m already looking forward to my next Patricia Gaffney novel!