Trader Joe’s Grocery Haul July 2019 *New Items* + Gluten-Free, Plant-Based Meal Ideas

Tasty new items in the store and a seasonal return, plus meal ideas that won’t keep you in front of a hot stove.

I love pairing a character from one of my Natural Gifts series with a food video. The character who would most like this shopping haul is Lucy from Desert Sunrise. She’s a career woman who doesn’t always have time to devote to healthy meals. Not to mention that she’s attracted the attention of the Sunny Skies Stables foreman and, shall we say, is spending as much time as she can with him? Wink.

Link to Desert Sunrise:

About Desert Sunrise:

Life is good for Lucy Shannon. Love will be too, when the man she knows is out there for her finally shows up. Until then she is going to enjoy herself. So what if her ex-fiancé tossed her heart into a blender? Years of therapy have put that in perspective. 

Stan Spellman doesn’t think like her. Not in the least. Sure, life is good. He does what he loves every day, spends a pleasurable night with a woman when he wants to. Love? Happily ever after? He’s seen the rare occurrence of it. That’s as far as his thinking on the subject goes. 

They’re both scheduled for a wake-up call that will change their lives forever, fulfilling dreams they never knew they had.

Lucy and Stan also made a recipe for dairy-free beer cheese soup, which you can find by clicking here.

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Opinions Wanted

I am excited to share that Sonal, of the popular food blog simplyvegetarian777, is going to create a recipe post just for us. Sonal is a brilliant cook and an inspiring blogger. We’ve had many happy meals inspired by her recipes since I met her almost a year ago.

Sonal and I would like to know what you would like for her to make for us. We’ve started off with six choices and we’d love to hear your input.  We’ll give you two weeks to think about it, and then Sonal will work her magic in the kitchen for us.  Thank you, Sonal!


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Desert Sunrise releases tomorrow!
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