Today’s Gentle Reminder

2013 and the holidays are in the rearview mirror now and some of us are looking for a fresh start. A healing. Others of us are rejuvenated by visits with family and friends. Or anywhere in between. A permission slip for vitamin H* can help build more inner peace no matter which category you fall in to. Today’s permission slip for vitamin H is:

Look upon the past with compassionate, gentle, understanding eyes.
Look upon today with gratitude.
Look upon tomorrow with promise.


*Vitamin H is happiness


A Powerful New Affirmation

I believe that we are all extraordinary.  Each of us has something to offer that no one else can because they aren’t us.

I also believe in the use of affirmations.  I use a few of them regularly for myself and I teach them regularly.  They always have wonderful results.

I wrote the one I am sharing with you all today back in June and allowed it to mature so that I could share it at just the right time.


“I am grateful that I use all of my incredible resources easily, effortlessly, gracefully, joyfully, in the highest good of all, and harming no one.”

Give it a spin and please do share how it sits with you if you are so inclined.