Joshua Tree Nights

Desert Sunrise release day cvr


In Desert Sunrise, book two of my Natural Gifts series of Uplifting Paranormal Romances, Lucy and Stan have a romantic night under the stars.  This video will give you an idea of what that night looked like for them.


That’s also the night that their natural gift starts to unfold.  Oh, what a night!  And you may understand more of why I love this beautiful desert!



As always, thank you for reading,



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Saunders’ Choice by Gina Briganti Book Trailer

What do you think of book trailers?  Do you watch them to feed your love of a book, or a book series?  I do!  I love seeing a visual component for what is normally a construct of my imagination building on an author’s words.  I love seeing what the author’s vision is of their story.

They’re also just plain fun to put together.

I hope you enjoy my vision of a book trailer for Saunders’ Choice!

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