To My Students: What Are You Doing With Your Reiki?

To My Students 7-2014

Okay, I’ll go first.  What I’m doing with my Reiki lately is putting it in my food, lots of distant sends, and self Reiki to my crown chakra in the morning before I start the day.  I am in awe of what simple moments of applying Reiki can do.


Your turn.


As always, thank you for reading.






Boomer Goes to the Vet: The How to Version for Reiki Practitioners



It’s 8:18 in the morning, and I’m supposed to help Boomer relax during his veterinary appointment at 8:30. 486 miles away. Will I make it in time? You bet! Using a blend of distance Reiki and animal communication, I’ll be able to help him through some of the most anxious moments of his life.

How to: Distance Reiki is a level II technique. If you took Reiki level II with me, you probably practiced it during the class with a photograph of a person who knew it was coming so that you could compare notes of what you experienced, and what they experienced. If you need a refresher, you can find the distance symbol in your notes or in The Reiki Sourcebook by Bronwen and Frans Stiene.

How I prepared to connect with Boomer is that I quieted everything within me. Mind, body, and spirit were still. Once I felt connected to Boomer, I visualized that we were together. In my mind’s eye, I spoke to Boomer, calming him. I pet him, the same way I would if we were together in the same room. The energetic version of Boomer was terrified to be on the way to the veterinarian’s office, but the connection I made with him during his first session calmed him. My intention was to place my hands over his crown chakra, the way I would if I was with him, but he was too upset for that. Boomer responded to feeling the Reiki come through my hands as I pet him.

You will read below about how I learned to communicate with animals. I have worked with some of my students to help them develop their ability in their own ways. I’d love to help you with it.

Please understand that intuition, and animal communication, work in different ways for different people. If you are clairaudient, you may be able to hear them the way that I do. If you are clairvoyant, you may be able to see mental images that they are showing you. If you are empathic, you may be able to sense what they are saying, and translate that sense into words for them. I think that empathic knowledge is the most common way that intuition presents itself.

I think the most basic action you can take to deepen your communication with animals is to spend time in meditation. In addition to meditation, you can add an affirmation. I suggest the one I used. I was being literal, but, well, that’s how things happen sometimes. “Help me to see what I cannot see. Help me to hear what I cannot hear.” I will also gladly build an energy bridge between you and an animal that you wish to communicate with to help deepen the process for you both.

Questions? Please ask.

Back to the original story:

You see, Boomer is a sensitive dog who senses things that have gone on in that veterinary office. When his people asked me to help them figure out why he is so incredibly afraid of his annual appointment, I had no idea that his anxiety was so palpable. Boomer informed me that he has really good reasons for not wanting to go there. Animals have died there and he knows it without a doubt. Animals are hurt there. In pain there. Did I know that they cut animals with knives there? Boomer asked this question of me in a panicked voice during a complete anxiety attack that he experienced just from talking about going to the vet for his shots.

During my first talk with him about his upcoming appointment, I spent time helping him to release that anxiety. He loved it. He responded to it. It made a difference. When it was time for the actual visit weeks later, I could help him repeat his mantra – “They’re not trying to hurt me. They’re not trying to hurt me.” We repeated it together while I added in soothing Reiki. In addition to my efforts, I recommended Bach Pet Rescue Remedy, a flavorless liquid homeopathic preparation that you drop into your pet’s water.

For the first time in his life, Boomer was able to go to the vet without a total melt down. He allowed the technicians to do everything they needed to do without trying to escape or making much noise at all. He does still need to work on letting the technicians take him out of his people’s sight. He’s no dummy. Those back rooms are where all the bad things happen.

If you’ve never met an animal communicator before, allow me to introduce myself. You may recognize me from other jaunts around Tipsy Lit. I don’t consider myself so much a communicator, as I do a translator. Animals don’t speak a different language than we do, it’s just that a lot of people can’t hear them. All communication is energy.

My Reiki master training led me to accidentally tap in to this ability when I was practicing a master technique and my lovely miniature pinscher, Baby Doll, laid her head on my knee. Soon after, the simple things we say about our animals, such as “He wants water,” or “She doesn’t like onions,” became extremely accurate between Baby Doll and I. For example, Baby Doll would go to the door and stand there expectantly. I asked her, from my mind to hers, why she was there. She would answer the same way, letting me know that there was someone coming up the walk. It took them at least 10 minutes to get to the door. She must have tapped into their intent and shared it with me.

My understanding of how animals communicate grew to the point where I can help animals with all sorts of things, like barking and digging. Those are very common behaviors that I’m asked to address. It’s also very helpful to owners to know what an animal is experiencing during big moves or changes.

Can I express with words how satisfying it is to be able to help an animal share what’s behind their behaviors? Or what names they use for their people? And the expressions on their faces when I start talking to an animal that hasn’t been “spoken” to before…priceless. The ears go sideways. The body, still. Their eyes are intent on mine. Can you imagine how funny it was when my daughter’s cat stared at someone else, didn’t get a response, and turned to me to ask if that person “speaks cat.”

When our dog Lucy realized that I could speak to her and that no one else in the house could, she started treating me as her translator. Someone would ask her a question, then she would turn to me and stare at me until I tuned in to her answer. Then she looks at the asker when I’m telling them what her response is, and then turns back to me when they ask for her response.
Life with animals takes on a whole new dimension. For me, for them, and for their owners.

Spotlight: Distance Reiki

Reiki practitioners generally believe that all things are made of a form of energy. If that energy isn’t balanced, the person, animal, plant, or what have you, doesn’t feel right. That’s when a Reiki practitioner could be called on to help out with getting the energy back into balance. I am also fond of calling it a relaxation therapy. A session can take place in person, over the phone, or even on the other side of the Earth with no physical contact between the sender and the receiver; which brings me to the subject of this post.

How well does distance Reiki really work? If you call me for help with something that is bothering you, whether the bother is a physical, mental, or emotional one, is there something I can actually do that will make a difference for you?

I have asked two of my clients to share their experiences with distance Reiki.  This is what they had to say:


What do you experience during a distance Reiki session?
Client 1 answered: “Even when taking a distance Reiki session I can feel the energy surround me. It’s a wonderful relieving feeling to know that distant Reiki can really work.”
Client 2 answered: “Release of illness, burdens, fears, hate, anger, and many other unwanted feelings.”


How do you feel after a distance Reiki session?
Client 1 answered: “I feel very sleepy for about two hours then I start to clean my home and everything else I can. I also feel re-energized.”
Client 2 answered: “Light spirit, love, joy, peace, and a feeling of well being.”



Do you feel that distance Reiki “does” anything?
Client 1 answered: “Absolutely. It makes my world an even easier place to live in. I really can build up the stress level in my life.”
Client 2 answered: “Absolutely.”


Do you recommend distance Reiki to others?
Client 1 answered: “I have, yes. I usually tell people about it because of the way it makes me feel about myself.”
Client 2 answered: “Positively.”


How many distance Reiki sessions have you experienced?
Client 1 answered: “Wow! I’m really not sure, but I think I have received at least twelve.”
Client 2 answered: “Approximately 20.”


Will you use distance Reiki in the future?
Client 1 answered: “Only if I need it. I do a lot of meditating on my own time, plus yoga classes.”
Client 2 answered: “Without a doubt.”


Now for some background. Client 1 grew up in an extremely abusive home and experienced more physical, mental, and emotional abuse than I would have believed possible. Client 1 has, with the aid of Reiki and other practices, gone on to live what most people would consider a normal life.

Client 2 has experienced devastating losses including all siblings, three children, both parents, and a spouse of more than forty years. Client 2  lives what most people would consider to be a normal life. They would never guess at the levels of loss that came before they met.

Distance Reiki is one of the most miraculous experiences I’ve ever had. If you have the opportunity to receive it, I strongly encourage you to try it.  The technique is taught during level II training.

Please feel free to share your thoughts with me in the comments below.

My Journey Into Reiki

The year was 2005. I was finishing my bachelor of applied science degree in holistic nutrition when I met Cyhndi Mora, the woman who would become my Reiki Master Teacher. She was interested in having a nutrition analysis. I needed the practice. Cyhndi offered to trade Reiki for the nutrition analysis. I didn’t know what Reiki was, but I was open to finding out. It was a deal.

If you missed my post describing Reiki, you can read it here.

My first Reiki session wasn’t the most impressive. I sat in Cyhndi’s massage chair, in my kitchen, and let Cyhndi do her thing. I didn’t feel much of a difference before and after the first Reiki session.

A couple of weeks later, I had the busiest day I could imagine. I had two private nutrition consultations and a vegan nutrition class to teach. I was supposed to have a Reiki session with Cyhndi in between the consultations and the class. I called to tell her that I couldn’t make it. I agreed to come by for a quick tune-up when she asked if I had at least 10 minutes.

That’s when the magic happened. In those ten minutes, Cyhndi took the weight of that day off of my shoulders. I felt as though I had just opened my eyes after a restful night of sleep.

I was inspired. It wasn’t long before I wanted to learn Reiki. Cyhndi thought that was a great idea, and away I went into my level I training. My level I attunement was a nice experience, and I practiced my hand positions. I was a good level I student.

I memorized the five Reiki precepts:

Just for today, I will not be angry.
Just for today, I will be kind to myself and others.
Just for today, I will not worry.
Just for today, I will do my work honestly.
Just for today, I will be grateful.

Level II blew me away. When we agreed that it was time for me to advance, I took my level II instruction and attunement. Away I went on a journey that has changed my life in all the best of ways. My intuition opened up. My truth of who I really am, of what makes me happy, of what I truly wanted in life, all came rushing forward. Not all of the truths were comfortable, but they were fairly easily navigated.

The exhilaration I felt the day I rode in the passenger seat on the 118 freeway is almost unparalleled in my life. My teacher was telling me that it was time for me to move up to the Master teacher level. I was beyond ready. What followed that instruction and attunement was many, many hours of meditation and study.

I had my nine year anniversary as a Reiki Master in January. I’ve had the pleasure of teaching students of all levels. The pleasure of giving and receiving many hundreds of Reiki sessions. The unparalleled pleasure of living a Reiki life.

To My Students

I read about a famous Reiki Master Teacher that believes that the student-teacher relationship should last for around a maximum of five years.  He did allow for the occasional exception.  As I read his words I immediately thought of how much I would have missed out on if my teacher felt the way he did.  I thought about how seeing each of you live your lives since your Reiki training with me, has brought me so much joy.

Being your teacher has brought so much to my life and my Reiki experience.  I am completely grateful to each of you for the honor of being a part of your lives.

My wish for each of you is that you find peace and comfort in the Reiki you learned from me.  I hope you grow and show me a new thing or two as Reiki grows and develops with you.  I wish you happiness in all aspects of your life.  And I hope you don’t limit the length of the student-teacher relationship when you’re teaching!

Much love,


Deepen Your Understanding of Reiki for Animals

“Animal Reiki: Using Energy to Heal the Animals in Your Life” by Elizabeth Fulton and Kathleen Prasad (2006) earned the “I like it” rating from me.  I’ve been recommending this book based on a skim read I did when I first purchased the book years ago.  Now that I’ve read it I am really glad that I did.  It is filled with inspiring stories that I read aloud to others because they were so special. 

These ladies have clearly done a lot of Reiki on animals!  It shines through in their respect for the animals they help, often in a shelter situation.  I particularly enjoyed learning how they approach a new animal and even their own animals for permission each time they offered a treatment.

They also have the unique distinction of sharing techniques for giving Reiki to raccoons.

The appendix is full of good resources for finding Reiki teachers and further information on natural healing for animals.

This book will give anyone interested in Reiki a lot to grow on, whether you’ve been a teacher for years like me, or you’re just starting to learn about the amazing world of animals and Reiki.