A Message to Share – Personal Path of Enlightenment

A Message to Share 2When I drew the Personal Path of Enlightenment reading, I felt that perhaps we had seen this message before.  The last time I pulled this card was for the April 2014 message.  As I read over that message, I felt that it was still the right one to share.

Here it is, in it’s original form:

This message is about the personal path of enlightenment. In my experience, the definition of enlightenment is subjective. For me, it means to feel lighter. To experience life in a lighter way. To enjoy more, and worry less. To be the best person I can be. To treat others the way I want to be treated. To love and live without expectation. To see the best in everything and everyone. The best part of seeking enlightenment for me has been experiencing life in ways I didn’t know existed before. In other words, what I call divinity.
I hope this message offers guidance. That is my intention.

If you are feeling confused on your personal path of enlightenment, the cougar offers this message: “In the end, what will matter is not whether or not you were feeling confused. Relax, have faith that confusion is temporary and has its own gifts to give to you. I’m here to help you with finding your focus. You can call on me for that focus if you would like to share my strength.”

If you are feeling tired on your personal path of enlightenment, the swan has this message to share: “We are comfortable in the water, where we float and enjoy the beauty of the water, knowing that when we choose to, we will emerge refreshed and full, to soar in the sky. Call on me for the energy you need to move forward when you feel ready. There is no hurry. There is no race. There is only beauty and grace.”

If you are feeling frustrated on your personal path of enlightenment, the wolf has this message to share: “Friend, if you think I am beautiful, it is only because I am a reflection of you. Wolf people are intelligent, resourceful, and strong. Yes, there are times when it feels like things should fall into place. When they do not, you want to force an action. You want to move a direction. So turn your intelligence to cunning. We are too wise to go in a direction that does not present opportunity. Lay back, watch, and then see where you are to go next. It will be obvious to you if you take the time to reflect. You are free to call on me for help.”

If you are feeling bored on your personal path of enlightenment, the gorilla offers this message: “Bored? If you are bored, then you have let go of what makes you feel great. What is that thing that makes you feel great? Do that. Do not judge yourself. You will rediscover your path when you go back to doing what you truly enjoy. You can call on me for help if you need to. I am here for you.”

If you are feeling overwhelmed on your personal path of enlightenment, the dolphin has this message for you: “We are the bringers of joy. If you are floating in joy, you will not feel the numbers of things that are around you. You will only feel joyful. Call on us to help you. We’re waiting.”

If you are feeling hopeless on your personal path of enlightenment, the cougar has this message for you: “With a cougar’s strength on your side you will find new energy to move on. To move past what is making you feel hopeless. What you need is to understand that there are times to conserve your power, and times to bring it out and use it. When you’re feeling hopeless, it’s time to bring your power out. Call on me, bring your power out, and we will go to new heights.”

If you are feeling inspired on your personal path of enlightenment, the unicorn has this message to you: “Yes! There are whole new worlds to explore. Do you want to teach, heal, explore, or share truth? I’m ready to do any or all of those with you. Let’s bring more love and beauty into the world. Call on me. It will be fun.”

If you are feeling content on your personal path of enlightenment, the lioness has this message to offer you: “Let’s just lie in the sun and enjoy the feel of the warm ground underneath us. We’ll be ready when it’s time to hunt again. You may always call on me.”

If you are feeling confident on your personal path of enlightenment, the tortoise has this message to offer: “We are secure in our ways. Now we can truly reach our highest goals, because we know that all we must do is keep on going. When we need quiet, we find it in ourselves. When we need shelter, we find it within ourselves. When we need action, we find it within ourselves. Call on me whenever you wish. I will be here.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of our power animal helpers for their messages, and their willingness to help us.

The next message is about family.  If you have a question you’d like to ask of the power animals, please let me know.

As always, thank you for reading,


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