New Design – LIFT Friends

My dear friend, Cyhndi, and Naomi (365 Days – A Diary Of A Newly Single Mum) are my inspirations for my LIFT Friends design.  Naomi started a magazine called LIFT to support single mothers like herself.  Visit her link to learn more about her wonderful blog and magazine.

This design is dedicated to Cyhndi, who has been there for me for the last ten years.  Thank you for being an awesome friend.

Do you want to see the design now?


Click on the pictures; they will take you directly to my Zazzle store.  Do you have friend you would like to celebrate?

lift_friends_purple_makeup_mirrorMakeup Mirror


lift_friends_gray_notebook-rcc52a28405ec43a0bca92a7ef2e3b34f_ambg4_8byvr_512lift_friends_gray_star_sticker-r95c9600d9a924da888528d7d30dd4685_v9w09_8byvr_512Thank you for taking the time to share my new design!


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Changing Worlds by Gina Briganti and Melissa Barker-Simpson Book Trailer

DoubleApparently making book trailer videos is more addictive than I gave it credit for.  This is the third (last? Hm.) trailer I’ve made for this title, but in my defense, the first one was for The Contract, the second one was for Saunders’ Choice, and this final(?) one is for Changing Worlds.  You can see my reasoning, can’t you?  In my mind I see you nodding in agreement with me.

So, here it is, the book trailer for the anthology itself, Changing Worlds.

If you’d like to read Changing Worlds, you can purchase it as a paperback from Amazon, and/or as an eBook from Kindle or Smashwords.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

As always, thank you for watching,


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