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Author Interview – Melissa Barker-Simpson

I thought readers may be interested in hearing more about Melissa Barker-Simpson’s thoughts behind her new novella, The Contract, simply because I have questions for her, and I’m a reader too!


Melissa is kind enough to take the time to stop by and have a talk with us.  And please, don’t be shy.  If you have a question for Melissa, ask away!

Gina:  Where did you get the idea for your new series, The Fractured?

Melissa:  I’m not sure if you know this about me, but I really love wolves. So it’s not surprising that I’ve always wanted to write a tale about werewolves. Since my stories are character driven, I’ve had to wait until the right character came along. Last year, Maddison introduced herself to me and I couldn’t stop thinking about this feisty witch, who uses her hair as a weapon. As I got to know her, the world she inhabited started to take shape. Imagine my joy when I discovered she’s friends with a werewolf!
I knew she was a hunter, and no ordinary witch. As I began writing, I learned of the many adventures Maddy and her friends have taken together. So many adventures that I plan to share them through a serialised fiction project I have named The Collective. This is in addition to the Fractured.

Gina:  Do you have more books, or novellas, written for the series?
Melissa:  The first in the series, The Fallen is in the editing stage and is due for release in July of this year. I write other series too, so the second novel in the Fractured series won’t be released until the latter part of 2016.

Gina:  How many novels and/or novellas do you have planned for the series?
Melissa:  At least three novels, but that isn’t set in stone.

Gina:  When did you know that you wanted to write this series?
Melissa:  As soon as I spent any time with Maddy! Around the time we started thinking about our collaborative project, The Fallen was almost complete. I knew Maddy would be perfect for the novella in our anthology, so I guess I have you to thank for all the time I’ve spent with her over the last few months!
Gina:  I’m always glad to help!

Gina:  How did you go about writing
The Contract?

Melissa:  I’m not much of a planner, but I knew that I wanted to write a story which showcased Maddy and her wicked sense of humour. She often leaps into situations without thinking, and I had a clear sense of the trouble she might get into. From there I let her battle her way out of it!

Gina:  Do you have a favorite scene from
The Contract?

Ooh, I really like that question! My favourite scene is the moment Maddy comes face to face with Grendel, the dwarf who is after her blood! I haven’t finished with him yet, he’s one of my favourite characters and he deserves his time in the spotlight.

Gina:  How attached do you get to your characters when you’re writing about them?
Melissa:  They’re like my children! I feel everything they feel as we take the journey together; the hurts, the joy, the pitfalls, the triumphs. I find it really difficult to let them go – which is probably why I’m juggling so many series!
Gina:  I had a feeling you would say that!

Gina:  What did you think of the collaborative aspects of publishing your first anthology?  Hint – I had a lot of fun with it! 
Melissa:  I absolutely loved it! I’m lucky because I got to take the journey with a friend, and I had so much fun: writing; collaborating; hashing out ideas; creating the finished product, and most of all chatting with you each step of the way. Anytime you want to start planning Changing Worlds 2, just let me know!
Gina:  I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as I did.  We definitely have some planning to do for the next anthology!

Gina:  What is your next release?

Melissa:  The Fallen, which is due out in July, as I said. In September 2015 I will be releasing Brothers in Arms, the third in the Morgan and Fairchild series.

Gina: Oh, yay!  I’m looking forward to both of those releases!  Thank you for sharing with us, Melissa!

The Contract is available in paperback, from Kindle, and from Smashwords.


Bio:  I’ve been writing since, well…since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. I often look back on those earlier stories, and apart from laughing at the heavy-handed drama, or cringing at my inexperience, I am reminded that I have always lived in other worlds.

My first novel was published in 2008, and I love nothing more than working on a new project. The voices inside my head invariably pull me in different directions, so although I try to work on one thing at a time, those who know me would tell you it doesn’t always work!

I have a full-time job which, though does not involve writing per se, incorporates my love of language. As a British Sign Language Interpreter, I get to translate information between two languages which is (mostly) fun.

I have two beautiful daughters who bring me great joy. They also keep me grounded, because otherwise I would have my head in the clouds permanently!

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