The Dreaming – Excerpt #40

The Dreaming


If you would like to start with Installment #1, click here and away you go, into The Dreaming.


“The kitchen is…you’re talking to me?”  She stared, astonished.

“I do it all the time.  You mean all this time you haven’t been listening to me?  It’s been four years Dana.”  Peaches sat on a lounge chair by the pool, facing her.

The admonishing tone reminded Dana of her dead husband Ben.



The Dreaming is available now in paperback and eBook formats.

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Recommended Books: Starter Zone by Chris Pavesic

September 10, 2018

Starter Zone

LitRPG YA Fantasy is a new genre for me. A refreshing one. Reading Starter Zone (2017), the first book in the Revelation Chronicles, took me back to my family living room where my brothers, sister, parents, and I would compete for the best score on Asteriod and later, Super Mario Brothers. Much, much later we played quest games like the one written about in Starter Zone where competing fell by the wayside and we tapped into our collective skills to beat the game. Reading about Cami and Abby’ stats, quests, and trainers took me right back into a gaming world I once loved.

Starter Zone is my first book by Pavesic. Reading a new author is an exciting gamble that I’m betting I will win. That’s the result I got with her.

The best books make you forget that you are reading. Instead, they immerse you in a world brought to life by the author’s words. Pavesic did that. She also taught me that some of my short stories in progress fall into the speculative science fiction genre. The best stories entertain and inform at the same time.

Pavesic’s story is high concept and easy to relate to. Two young sisters are orphaned in a dystopian world. Cami is 17, Abby is 7. As unlikely as it seems, the starter zone of the title is marginally safer than the outside world. Especially because of Cami’s street smarts. There are no wasted characters or words in this story. It moves, moves, moves.

My recommendation to read this book is based on the fact that I couldn’t put it down and finished it in record time.

If I say more you will not get to taste the same adventure I did, and that would be selfish of me!

Starter Zone’s is followed by Traveler’s Zone, which released today. To follow the release tour, visit

Check out the trailer on the new book!



As always, thank you for the time we spend together!


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Three Bookish Things Tag

Callum McLaughlin has shared another fun book tag. If you’d like to participate, jump right on in and consider yourself tagged.

Warning: book tags are addictive.



Mitch Albom. A name most will recognize. Tuesdays With Morrie was brilliant, life affirming, and touched me deeply. Remembering the book has me questioning why I haven’t been back to read more by Albom.

David A. Phllips. A lesser known name. Phillips’ The Complete Book of Numerology is on my keeper shelf as one of my favorite books on one of my favorite subjects.

Ed Peterson. Another numerologist. His debut book, simply titled Numerology, is my number one choice when I want to look up a number’s meaning.




These should be on my TBR, now that I think about it. I stole one of these from Callum, hope he doesn’t mind.



Can I say one name three times? I do have a serious love for Eve Dallas from J.D. Robb’s In Death book series. In the spirit of the tag, I will also say that I love Roarke, from the same series. Another character who always makes me feel like I’ve come home after a long vacation is Kate Daniels, from her own series by Ilona Andrews. When I hear these character’s voices in my head I settle in for a guaranteed good time.




See above, ha ha ha. I’ve binged on the In Death series, the Kate Daniels series, and am currently binging on The Turning Stone Chronicles by C.D. Hersh.

Turning Stone 4



  1. I apologize, but I just can’t get into Shakespeare. Each time I’ve tried I fall asleep.
  2. I not interested in reading Fifty Shades or the sequels. The subject doesn’t draw me in.
  3. Team Jacob! Enough said?



I’m glad it asks for current, because these change all the time!


I spent a lot of time reading to my children, and baking with them. I think it shows. I threw in a crystal book because I’ve always loved the energy of Judy Hall’s book.



This looks like my TBR, but I suppose that’s okay. I plan to read Magic Triumphs, the (sniffle) final book in the Kate Daniels series.

I’m meeting this author at Buns & Roses next month in Richardson, Texas and so looking forward to it. One of my bookish goals has been to go to more author events. Check! This one is a fundraiser for the Richardson Adult Literacy Center.

Bookish goal number three for this year is to read Allison B. Collins before Readers and Ritas in Allen, Texas this November. I havent read a western romance since early this year and I’m due.




As always, thank you for the time we spend together!


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The Dreaming – Excerpt #39

The Dreaming


If you would like to start with Installment #1, click here and away you go, into The Dreaming.


“Oh, I’m dreaming.”  A lot of her house was missing.  The dog door that Peaches and Cream used to get to their parts of the house was where it should be.

Her kitchen was gone!  Where would she work without her kitchen?

“What’s wrong?”  Peaches asked her.


The Dreaming is available now in paperback and eBook formats.

As always, thank you for reading,


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Cherry Pit by Lynn Burton is an Awesome Poetry Collection!

Cherry Pit

Cherry Pit by Lynn Burton (2018) is Burton’s debut poetry collection available in book format. Burton’s love for poetry shines through and  I’m thrilled to be able to share it with you!

This collection left me feeling thoughtful. The sadder poems are poignant, but not horribly heavy. There is a good balance between happy love poems and thoughtful life poems. My nickname for the collection is Life, as Told in Poems.

Book lovers will especially enjoy Personal Library. Other favorites include Against the Senses, Taste of a Poem, and The Fall.

Burton made me laugh at times, and sigh at others. Whichever it was, it was done with mastery over setting, and immersive senses.

The title poem, Cherry Pit, rates a solid “Wow!”

Poetry lovers, we have a new treasure in this author.


Thanks for reading,


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#Blue Sky Tag Challenge – #Blog Challenge- #You’re It!


I’ve been invited to hop on to the Blue Sky Tag Challenge by M J Mallon in an open tag.

The rules of the challenge are:

11 tags, 11 answers, 11 questions

Use the Blue Sky banner  (that Rachael Ritchey designed).

It is sort of polite to mention the person who tagged you so please do that if you accept my open tag for any who want to play along so I can read your answers and questions.

You need to answer the 11 questions set by your tagger (even though you wonder where they dredged them up from.)

You will need to make up 11 original and interesting or funny questions for those you tag. I know you can!

You need to tag 11 people – I’m leaving the tag open for any and all who want to join in. That could be more or less than eleven. Let’s say it is at least eleven.

You can read Marje’s post and the answers to her questions here.


These are the eleven questions that Marje made up. Thanks, Marje!
1. If you could travel to Mars would you go?

It depends on whether or not I can bring Lucy and how long the trip is and… Who am I kidding. Of course I would love to travel to Mars. When are we leaving?
2. Do you like rock music or quiet ballads?

Yes. I love almost any type of music. I say most because then I don’t have to explain my way out if a song comes on and I turn it right off.
3. Are you a tidy freak or a messy pup?

I am a tidy freak. Unless my days get too busy, then you might find some dust or dog fur around.
4. Tell us about the most strange/extraordinary person you know.

The most extraordinary people I know are my fellow RWA DARA authors who collectively pursue their passions of writing amazing romance stories.
5. Do you believe in love at first sight?

I definitely do, having read accounts of it, and because I have a romance author’s heart.
6. Which animal represents you the best?

I really have to think about this one. Perhaps it’s the dog because I like to go on walks, take naps, and I have a great sense of smell.
7. Are you a theatre and/or film buff?

Not so much. Cooking shows on the other hand…
8. If you had to do a party trick would you love this or hate it?

I think it would depend on the party trick. I can ham it up pretty good if I like what I’m doing.
9. What superpower would you love to have?

This is an easy one. I would love to be able to fly. I watch birds coasting on the wind or chasing one another in the sky and I am envious. Those show offs know we’re stuck on the ground.
10. What’s your favourite food, and/or drink?

I have to choose one food? No way! I can narrow down my favorite drink though, because that is water. It takes all day to drink enough so I rarely drink anything else.
11. As a child were you naughty or nice? And which are you now…

I was both and I believe I still am. If you have a different answer we need to talk!


Now for the eleven questions you answer if you’d like to take this blog tag challenge.

  1. Would you swim in a chocolate river if you could?
  2. What do you do when you are inspired?
  3. Food Network – yay or nay?
  4. Tell us about the last time you saw a butterfly.
  5. Have you dreamt about an event/experience and then had it come true?
  6. What is your opinion on rings. Do you wear them, or envy those who do? Or both?
  7. How long have you known the friend you’ve known the longest that you still talk with?
  8. How many books are close by you right now?
  9. Do you keep a journal?
  10. What is your favorite way to end a busy day?
  11. Tell us about the last memorable meal you ate.

Many thanks to Marje for sharing this tag so we can join in!

Tag, you’re it! Or not. No pressure. I’m curious to read your answers.


Thanks for reading,


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This is My Genre|Book Tag

Thanks to Callum McLaughlin for his ever insightful participation in book tags. They look like so much fun and I(!) can play this time!

What is your favorite genre:

Romance! I am that excited about my genre.

Who is your favorite author from that genre?

Nora Roberts is always going to top my list because she consistently publishes characters and stories that define what I think of as great romance.  The feels I get from her books are why I keep going back. I’ve read at least forty and I am excited to read more. She also writes as J.D. Robb and I’ve read at least forty-five of those (I count the novellas). The evolving relationship between Eve and Roarke is so sigh worthy!

Nora Roberts & I (2012)

 What is it about the genre that keeps pulling me back?

Romance offers never-ending variety. There’s paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy, historical, western, sweet, urban fantasy, romantic suspense, thrillers, choose your own adventure, etc… But no matter what, there is always a love story.

What is the book that started your love for that genre?

I clearly remember reading Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume and the Sweet Valley High series by Francine Pascal. I’m a born romantic and these stories confirmed that I found my book love home early.

Some of the links in this post are my Amazon Affiliate links, which help support this site at no additional cost to you.

If you had to recommend at least one book from your favorite genre to a non-reader/someone looking to start reading that genre, what book would you choose and why?

I usually recommend Dance Upon the Air by Nora Roberts, the first book in the Three Sisters Island trilogy, because the characters are so well drawn and the series is excellent overall. This was my first paranormal romance (PNR) series. I found all three books at a Friends of the Library sale and at first I thought I read the blurb wrong. Could this by a romance and a paranormal in the same book? You can have both in the same book?! My love for PNR was born that day.

I have reread this series too many times to count.

Why do I read?

I think I’m a book junkie. There are so many ways to rearrange the twenty-six letters of our English alphabet! I consider myself privileged to experience the endless variety of books and authors available to me. Losing myself in a story is one of the best feelings there is. The short answer is: I read because I love to read and I always have.

I loved that walk down memory lane!

Consider yourself tagged if you would like to be a part of this book tag, and please link your post to me so I can read your answers!

As always, thanks for reading!


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