Wrestling The To-Do List Hydra – Simple Saturday

Sharing tips that brought me to the next level.


Graphic Design Credit: Gina Briganti

The mythical (at least we think it is) hydra sprouts three heads every time you manage to cut one off, making the hydra a worthy competitor for the most accomplished task-list master. Here are my tips for how to come out on top of the list and take your whole life to the next level.

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Blog views and other obsessions – generating a free QR code

Learning new things from Book Club Mom.

Book Club Mom

Last week I learned how to generate free QR codes for work and it’s easy and kind of fun to do, so I thought I’d share what I learned here. First of all, do you know what QR means? I had never thought about it much, but it stands for Quick Response.

We’re going to use a QR code for print materials and I’m still figuring out how it would be useful in the digital world for bloggers versus just using a link, although the code definitely works online. This article from Wasp Barcode Technologies talks about using QR codes for print and something like that on Facebook, Snapchat and Spotify. For authors who use print materials, even a business card, it’s a simpler way to direct people to your work. Anyone with a phone can use the camera function that recognizes the codes and takes you directly to your…

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A Trained Intuitive Reviews A Book About Reincarnation And Life Between Lives


Making this video was such a pleasure!

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Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/They-Serve-Bagels-Heaven-Importance-ebook/dp/B00JHTXR46/

Reiki Sessions, Classes & Workshops: https://thereikicafe.com/category/current-class-schedule/

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Make Health A Habit: 30 Days Of Coaching, Group Support, Inspiration, And Reiki

We start in one week!


Do you want to know how much better you can feel by making four small changes, every day, for a month?

That’s what the challenge is! Plus you will have an experienced Certified Nutrition Consultant, two Reiki Master Teachers, and loads of support in a private Facebook group.

In a nutshell, the challenge is to consistently add these four things to your day, every day, which will help- make them a habit throughout the month of June and beyond.

You will be adding:

1 serving of vegetables. For example, if you start the challenge with two daily servings of vegetables, you’ll be going for three daily servings.

1 serving of fruit. For example, if you start the challenge with two daily servings of fruit, you’ll be going for three daily servings.

1 glass of water. For example, if you start the challenge drinking 30 oz of water daily, your daily…

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#Tastytuesday #Recipe Review – Spinach Sun-Dried Tomato Quiche #gluten-free


Mrs. Plant In Texas is a talented cook with an inspiring healing journey. If you don’t already know about her I am pleased to introduce you and to share my experience with making her quiche recipe.

Follow this link to see the whole story on Medium.

Remember to register for the Healthy Habits Challenge starting June 1st, I can’t wait to see where this challenge takes us!

Thanks for reading!


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