Indie Book Haul | Part 4

Changing Worlds is honored to appear on Callum McLaughlin’s Indie Book Haul. Thank you, Callum.

Callum McLaughlin

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As an author in my own right, I know the struggle of getting noticed by would-be readers. As such, every now and then I like to do a little ‘haul’ of some of the indie books I’ve read in recent months. You can click each author’s name if you want to check out their blog or website for more information on them or their work.

Phen Weston

The Silent Balance: A Collection of Waka Poetry – A collection of beautiful, short poems written in the form of traditional Japanese verse. They are easy to read yet bursting with depth. (As a lovely side note, all profits from this book go to an LGBT support group set up by the poet’s brother.)

Nothing But The Rain – Another of Weston’s wonderful poetry collections; this one feels both personal and whimsical at times but always brings pause for thought.

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