Wednesday Special Spotlight recipe for Mock Champagne

Getting ready for New Year’s Eve.

C.D. Hersh

Wednesday Special Spotlight

Shines On our

Mock Champagne Recipe

Mock Champagne Cranberry Sangria by the glass
(original recipe by C.D. Hersh)

For each 8-ounce champagne glass you will need:

    Cork Shot Out From a Bottle of Champagne

    1/4 cup brewed Hibiscus Watermelon tea (we use Republic of Tea brand)

    1/8 cup brewed Chamomile honey and vanilla tea (we use Twinings brand)

    Sparking apple cider

    1 rounded TBS jellied cranberry sauce (smooth or whole berry)

    Fresh fruits (grapes, whole cranberries, pineapple chunks, peeled sliced star fruit, or peeled kiwi—or fruits of your choice)

    Short skewer or sizzle stick


Thread fruits on a skewer or swizzle stick and set aside.

Place teas and cranberry sauce in the glass. Mix until sauce dissolves. Fill glass with sparkling apple cider. Enjoy!

In an 8-ounce champagne flute, place ¼ cup white grape juice and 1/8 cup Chamomile tea. Fill glass with regular or diet ginger ale. To give the drink a…

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