The Cold Nowhere by Brian Freeman (2013)

Brian Freeman is one of my favorite authors when it comes to edge of your seat thrillers.

Stride’s past is coming back at him again in the latest Jonathan Stride novel.  The little girl he knew 10 years ago is a beautiful hooker now.  Everyone says she’s crazy and can’t be trusted.  She says someone is trying to kill her.

He will keep you guessing until the last part of the book about who did what and why.  Then he will have you crying with relieved joy.

I ended up giving the book 3 stars.  I think I need to see a little more of the hero side of Stride for a minute.  Challenges are fine but the unending tragedy is a little numbing for me.  I hope that doesn’t sound like a complaint, because I wouldn’t have missed reading this book! If you are a Stride fan you can enjoy learning even more about Stride’s life.  I hope he’s working on another Stride novel, and including a little more sunshine for Stride.


3 thoughts on “The Cold Nowhere by Brian Freeman (2013)

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