Desert Sunrise Has A New Cover!

A hot one night stand after her best friend’s wedding could not turn into her wildest fantasy come true. Could it? Their best friends haven’t been hiding a connection to a parallel world or the fact that they’re sharing a psychic bond that will change everything they know is true and real. Right?

Restaurant critic Lucy Shannon’s ex-fiancé put her heart in a blender and punched the puree button. A couple years of therapy later she knows how to enjoy herself for a night when the right ranch foreman asks.

Stan Spellman has seen one or two happily married couples but his heart has never been stolen. Lucy’s a safe bet since she lives hours away from the ranch.

They’ll find out what they unlocked the moment they were introduced; a soulmate bond and their own set of extraordinary gifts.

The bond will bring them together however it has to.

Buy Desert Sunrise today and immerse yourself in this twisty, sexy fantasy romance.

Thanks for celebrating Lucy and Stan’s news! Many, many thanks to Victoria Cooper Art for bringing them to life.

What’s your good news today?



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