Interviews With Inspiring People…Meet Lynn Burton

Interviews With Inspiring People


Please welcome Lynn Burton, a friend, mother, wife, painter, photographer, traditionally published author, editor, poet, and so much more. She inspires me with her passionate personality, her friendship, her creativity, her curiosity, her tenacity, her love of books, and her never ending support of her friends and family. To know her is to love her.


Lynn is familiar with the interview style we use here on, so I’m going to jump right in with my questions.




Gina:  Lynn, thank you so much for visiting with us today.




Lynn:  Thank you, Gina.  I’m honored to be here.




Gina:  Okay, first question; you have a poetry book publishing soon.  Will you grace us with one of your poems so that everyone can experience your work?




Lynn:  I’m excited about the poetry book!  Hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer for it to make its appearance.  I’d be glad to share one of my poems.




Where Do I Begin?




I begin at the end


because that’s where I send


remnants of you and me


embers to ashes


love has faded


I can’t hold on to


what could never be.


Curved as it bends


there’s nothing to mend


emotions in a heap


twisted and strewn


bloodied and bruised


your heart was


never mine to keep.
Gina:  I’m honored.  We’ve known one another a long time, and shared a lot of writing with one another.  I feel honored to share your poem here today.  Thank you.




Gina:  Most people do not know this, but you and I are co-authoring a Natural Gifts cookbook.  I’m curious to know, what is your favorite part of writing a cookbook so far?




Lynn:  My favorite part of writing a cookbook so far is tweaking recipes to our liking, experimenting with different ingredients, and sharing feedback with you.  It allows me to explore my love of food with your nutritional knowledge, and try things I might not have tried otherwise.  It’s also an opportunity for readers to benefit from healthy eating.  A win-win as far as I’m concerned.




Gina:  Who, and/or what, has inspired you to become the inspiring person you are today?




Lynn:  Life inspires me; the little, every day things.  You inspire me.  My future daughter-in-law inspires me with her creative talents.  Favorite authors who can turn out book after book with writing that’s always fresh and new.  Discovering new music.  I could go on and on with this one.




Gina:  Please finish this sentence in your own words; the best things in life are _______________.




Lynn:  Shared with friends and family.




Gina:  Many people do not know this either, but it was your interest in writing contests that inspired me to start writing for submissions.  You were published before I met you, which inspired me as well.  What advice do you have for aspiring writers who have not been published, or self-published, yet?




Lynn:  Write and don’t give up.  Surround yourself with other creative types who encourage and support you.  Whether you join a writing community or find one person to critique your work, get your work out there.  And while you’re busy writing and honing your craft, read.  Read.  Read.  Read.




Gina:  What are some things you wish everyone knew?




Lynn:  How to be gentle with themselves, and others, when we mess up.  To know how to enjoy the quiet moments, and just be.




Gina:  What advice do you have for someone who is going through tough times right now?




Lynn:  Take things one day at a time.  Find your inner peace, whatever that may be, and learn to relax.  I think of my way of ‘letting go’ as my own sort of personal meditation.  There’s no strict form about it.  We all have tough times that can result in anxiety or worse.  Our minds chase around all kinds of horrible scenarios.  For me, I feel that anxiety build up right in my core, and when I do and I know I can’t do anything about whatever the problem is at that time, I focus on slow, relaxed breathing.  It may not solve the problem, but the anxiety dissipates, and I’m able to clear my mind.  The body will follow.




Gina:  You have been married for a long time now, and it’s going well, which is an achievement many of us admire.  What’s your secret?




Lynn:  I’m sure the secret is that that there is no real secret.  We enjoy each other’s company and can respect each other’s space as well.  We laugh.  A  lot!  I think having a sense of humor is a big plus.  We’re two completely different people, with our own interests, but somehow we make it work.  At the end of the day, I can’t imagine doing this with anyone else.
Gina: Can I pause right here and say “Awe?”  As a romance author, I don’t think I could have said it better myself.  Now, back to your creativity.




Gina: Your experiences with painting are new, and growing quickly.  What art projects do you have planned?




Lynn:  More watercolor and acrylics.  Those are my two favorite mediums, and I’d like to build on what I’ve learned so far.




Gina:  Are there one, or more, aspects of your adult life that you planned for as a child and realized as an adult?




Lynn:  I’d have to say no, for the most part.  In second grade, I wanted to be a school teacher.  I wonder if volunteering at my own kids’ schools later on was some kind of half-fulfilled thing.  In junior high, I wanted to be in a rock ‘n’ roll band.  At some point, I’m not even sure when it was, I wanted to be a marine biologist.  Yeah, that’s pretty random.  I love the water and dolphins.  That was going to qualify me, right?  I think the only thing that’s always been constant is my love of books and reading.  I never thought about writing until I was much older, but maybe the seed was there.




Gina:  Thank goodness for that seed being there.
Gina:  It’s always wonderful to learn new things about my favorite people.  Thank you again for answering ten questions with us today.




Lynn:  Thank you for having me.




Gina:  Lynn welcomes questions, so if you’re curious, ask away!




Here’s where you can find Lynn around the internet:




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    1. Thank you, Mel. These interviews mean a lot to me. Lynn’s interview is especially important to me because without her, I wouldn’t have published anything. Plus, you have an idea of what to expect when it’s your turn in November.


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