Friendsgiving Fall Board

Dried kiwi and apples that don’t turn brown. Thanks, Aunt Juju. I’d love to serve this at a party.

Is anyone celebrating Friendsgiving this year? Please refer to last years post Friendsgiving With the Bombsquad at Cherry Bombe. Last week began their second year of celebrating these fun zoom discussions/demonstrations with “friends” based around food.

If you are gathering together with friends before Turkey Day a Fall/Thanksgiving charcuterie board is a great way to share. I love to make these but go crazy trying to decide on which ingredients to buy and use. So many kinds of meat, cheese, crackers and so on. But having a theme makes it easier.

There are so many homemade recipes that would give your board a personal touch such as dips, marinated veggies, salami roses, parmesan crisps, homemade cookies and the list is endless. I chose not to do that this time as I was short on time and wanted to assemble this before Thanksgiving. See my post Salami Roses for another…

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